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Craniosacral Therapy Is A Gentle Treatment That Has Positive Effects On Your Mind And Body

Craniosacral therapy is a treatment that can be provided by a massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other medical professional after they've been trained in this type of bodywork. The therapy can be given alone, or it can be combined with other treatments, such as a massage. It also complements treatments your doctor might provide for a medical condition.

If you have a medical condition, it's good to clear craniosacral therapy with your doctor since there are some conditions that may not be suitable for this treatment. Your therapy provider will also discuss your medical history and make sure you're a good match for treatment. Here's what craniosacral therapy treatments entail.

Craniosacral Therapy Is Gentle And Relaxing

This bodywork treatment is a very gentle procedure. It's safe for seniors and children. It involves the practitioner putting light pressure along your body to feel the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and to relieve blocks. The target of the therapy is your cerebrospinal system from your head and down your spinal cord. However, the results could affect other organs and parts of your body.

The Therapy Is Taken Fully Clothed

You'll want to wear light, loose clothing to your treatment session since you leave your clothes on. The treatment is not like getting a massage since your body isn't manipulated in that manner. However, the treatment environment is similar to massage. You might be in a dimly lit room and listen to relaxing music as you're being treated.

The length of treatment varies according to your tolerances. Kids and older adults may have shorter treatments than a young adult. You might notice a positive effect from one treatment session, but your practitioner might recommend several sessions or even ongoing sessions if you're dealing with a medical condition.

The Effects Of Craniosacral Therapy Vary

Craniosacral therapy is used to treat a number of medical and emotional conditions. If you hold tension or trauma in your body, this bodywork might release them and help with your emotional health and physical symptoms. You might notice decreased pain from headaches and your headaches might be less frequent. If you're seeking this treatment for a medical problem, talk to the practitioner about the results you might expect.

You might want the therapy for stress relief and help with anxiety. The gentle treatment can even be considered a form of self-care and make you feel better because you take time to relax fully while your head and neck are being gently probed and maneuvered.

For more information on craniosacral therapy, contact a professional near you.