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What Kinds Of Addiction Recovery Services Are Available?

Facing the reality of your addiction is a brave first step. Once you realize you have an addiction, you can choose to get help to overcome it. Fortunately, addiction recovery services exist to help people improve their lives by freeing themselves from the substances and behaviors that hold them back. These are four addiction recovery services that you can use to overcome your addiction:

1. Addiction Hotlines

Every journey begins with a single decision. Fortunately, you don't need to commit to intensive programs in order to start your recovery. You can get help by simply calling a hotline designed to assist people struggling with addiction. An addiction recovery hotline can give you access to information about additional resources available to you. You can also simply talk to a non-judgmental person who understands your situation. Calling a hotline can help you avoid using drugs or alcohol when you're trying to get sober.

2. Detox Programs

Some people find that they can stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. Others may struggle to do so in large part because of the withdrawal symptoms they experience when they try. Detox programs are available to help addicts who are physically dependent on substances. Doctors and nurses at a detox program can provide medication to suppress seizures, hallucinations, anxiety, and other symptoms commonly experienced by people going through withdrawal. Many people find comfort in knowing that a medical professional is nearby to oversee their detox process.

3. Rehabilitation

Substance abuse rehabilitation programs can help people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. You may take advantage of a detox program with or without the addition of rehab services. Rehab can be done in inpatient and outpatient facilities, depending on the severity of your addiction and your preferences. These programs are often intensive, spanning several weeks, during which time you will work on overcoming your addiction. Counseling, close monitoring, and group therapy are all common treatments used in substance abuse rehab programs.

4. Counseling

Finally, people who struggle with addiction can take advantage of counseling. There are many therapists who specialize in helping people with addictions. People who struggle with substance abuse can benefit from therapy. However, you don't need to be addicted to a physical substance in order to benefit from therapy. Some people are addicted to certain behaviors that negatively impact their lives. Sex addiction, food addiction, and internet addiction can all similarly be treated by counselors.

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