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Is A Retirement Coach The Right Speaker For Your Next Corporate Event?

Choosing event speakers is always a careful balancing act. Every type of event requires speakers that can draw a crowd and keep them entertained and informed once they arrive. Unfortunately, it's easy to fall into the trap of bringing the same types of speakers to your events, especially if you're planning a relatively routine corporate function.

If you want to incorporate a unique speaker into your next event while also providing your participants with helpful information, you may want to consider a retirement planning coach. Keep reading to discover three reasons a retirement coach might be perfect for your event.

1. Retirement Advocacy

If your organization has many aging employees, they may be remaining in the workforce for a wide variety of reasons. Some may feel that they don't have the money to retire, while others may simply fear making such a significant change. Of course, plenty of people stay in their jobs simply because they enjoy working or the company of their coworkers.

Retirement coaches focus on living with retirement as well as planning to make retirement possible. Older employees may find the information provided by a coach particularly helpful, and it may even help them more clearly decide what they want for their futures.

2. Better Career Planning

Retirement coaches aren't just helpful for those about to retire. Younger employees can use the information they learn to develop better long-term career goals to achieve their retirement objectives. Many of these employees may not yet be thinking about their retirements, making a retirement-focused event speaker particularly attractive for them.

By exposing younger employees to retirement coaching, you can help to build a culture of personal responsibility and long-range planning. Not only will this benefit them personally, but it can have a positive effect on your organization as a whole.

3. Connection to Company Retirement Plans

If your company offers 401(k) plans or other retirement options, a coach can correct directly with these benefits. Employees can learn why they should take advantage of these benefits and how they can use them to provide for their retirement in the future. If your company is having difficulty getting employees to contribute to retirement funds, a retirement speaker may be the push they need.

Ultimately, employees of any age in any stage of career development can benefit from the skills of a retirement planning coach. Hiring one as a speaker for your next event will provide attendees with useful information to carry forward through their careers and into retirement.

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